18th Sunday of the Year Year A

The pictures and news stories coming out of Palestine are horrific. Indiscriminate bombing, the slaughter of women and children, whole communities blockaded and starving, and all done from a distance.

The horror of modern warfare has to do with where you place your rocket launcher. At a press of a button whole families can be wiped out, and all to do with who has the right to live where.

Can’t they just share! Learn to live together, or is that just too simplistic!

One hundred years ago this weekend, war was a radically different prospect. It came about through a classic case of “one thing led to another” but by the end of 1914, half the World was attacking or defending each other.

Britain entered the fray because of a 75 year old agreement to defend Belgium, which had been invaded by Germany.

No distance, though, in this conflict, face to face, eye to eye, hand to hand, young men fought one another because they were told to do so.

The figures are inconceivable. On both sides of the war, 65 million troops were mobilised. nearly 9M were killed, 29M wounded or lost, numbers that are so vast as to be incomprehensible.

Wherever there is war death is always the outcome, so many innocent people caught up in stuff they do not understand.

Just a thought!