14th Sunday of the Year Year A

I noticed in the press this week that there were some concerns about the health of Pope Francis. Quite suddenly he had cancelled some of his appointments and while people felt some disappointment, most would appreciate that, as you get older, life gets more challenging.

Our capacity to do the things that, at one time were so easy, simply becomes limited. We all need to take stock, so that what we do, we do well and not to try to do so much that nothing ever get finished properly. Keep Pope Francis in your prayer.

People on a daily basis are put under pressure to do so much more that they are really capable of achieving. There is so much unemployment that individuals feel that they have to work that much harder to keep their jobs and with the reduction in the day to day workforce, the tasks mount up so much quicker.

The mantra, of course, is that word “recession”, so often an excuse for employers to pay workers less rather than reduce their own profit margins.

This Thursday, nationwide, people will be striking. The unions are angry that, because of the “recession” peoples ability to keep up with the cost of living is reduced because pay rises are limited. Of all groups this affects the poorest paid the hardest, their incomes reducing by up to 15% in real terms. It’s no wonder people are angry.

Let’s try to take stock and do what we can well.

Remember all who work hard for little return. They deserve so much more.

Just a thought!