15th Sunday of the Year ... Year A

I am sure that Wirral Borough Council, the local hoteliers, restaurants and even Mersey Rail will be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of our hosting the Open Golf next week. They are all going to make money out of the event. But there are signs of chaos too!

If you drive through Hoylake, there is enough there to make you feel nervous! Several bridges now span the main road to give access to the Course for the

hundreds of thousands who will attend the event at the end of next week.

For you and me, who may or may not welcome this sporting excellence to the Borough, it will mean disruption. Last time there was gridlock on the roads, the simple business of moving between churches for services was nigh on impossible at times and even our schools are closing early in anticipation. But, we will put up with it!

Strangely, what we are less tolerant of are the minor disruptions that we all have to put up with on a day to day basis.

If someone blocks the car park on a Sunday morning there is Hell to pay, a family celebrating Baptism or First Communion taking over the front of the church for the day isn’t always given a warm welcome, changes to our routine, alteration in Mass or service times can lead to glum looks.

Sometimes we just have to thank God for what we have, even when it is different! Our disturbance is someonelse’s joy.