Pentecost Sunday Year A

Pentecost means fiftieth in Greek and despite all the images of doves and tongues of fire, this awe filled word has a very simple and practical meaning and is in common everyday use.

But far from being a simple enhancing of a timescale, this word still packs punch. It implies the passage of a significant amount of time, the Golden Jubilee of peoples experiences. It resonates with a sense of time completed.

Pentecost for the Christian is significant for many reasons. It is the driving force behind people’s possibilities, the voice that teases and challenges, the strength that turns fear into opportunity.

Having the Holy Spirit inspires. The terrified Disciples of Jesus, the men and women who had lived and loved with Him, became the evangelisers, healers, Martyrs. And that same Spirit moves each of us towards the potential that is Jesus, Eastering in each one of us.

But, being inspired isn’t enough on its own, for each of us has to respond to that “still small voice”, to hear the call and to be motivated to follow. God challenges, we have to make what we can of that call.

And that's where Pentecost, the inspirer and pentecost the timescale come together. Being inspired is just the beginning, being Inspirational take time, experience, courage and a deep deep trust…. maybe after 50 years we begin to see the point.

Just a thought!