Trinity Year A

I would love to have the time to think! To have the time to ruminate on the great things of life, the things that go wrong and the challenges to peace on our planet. The problem is that we all have to do stuff, be places, manage the ordinary things of our day to day existence.

I have just spent 20 minutes listening to the most awful music, hanging on to the phone to speak to a human being. What a waste of time when I could be much more productive.

The problem, when we ruminate about God, is that we are thinking about something we will never have the chance to understand. So we have to go on our feelings, our instinct and our experience.

That all takes time, and a good dose of maturity.

The problem is that the cares and concerns of life can distract us from the reality of God’s presence in our day to day lives.

God is love, and that love is unconditional. It is ever present, even there when we feel distant from God.

That’s why we need the dose of maturity, to be able to see the whole picture and not just the crisis.

Trinity is a way of saying that to us. That in the long term, despite the many set backs, our experience of God’s love is real. Its human and inspirational.

Body, soul, spirit God loves us always, unconditionally.

Just a thought!