4th Sunday of Easter Year A

This could be another of John’s doubt stories, this image presented in the Gospel about the shepherd leading his sheep. The problem is one of discernment. How do the sheep recognise the voice of the shepherd out of all the noise in the environment or more poignantly, how do we discern the voice of God amid the clamour of so many voice calling and calling for our attention.
Do you remember the Prophet Elijah? He had this problem trying to discern the voice of God from all the many sounds that came to him on the mountain. Typically he must have felt that the appearance of God would be surrounded by something special, something spectacular. So he was looking in the thunder, the strong wind and the fire, but God was not to be heard.

There is the lesson we all need to learn. Don’t look for God in the special or the spectacular or the attractive. If we do, we run the risk of being mistaken, distracted and finding ourselves making all the wrong life choices.

For Elijah, God was in the gentle breeze, and for each of us, that gentle voice calls to us often. Its the voice of kindness, understanding, gentleness and love.

Noisy and raucous might be fun, but it isn’t God!

Just a thought!