Ascension of the Lord Year A

I love being on my own. At the end of a long day it is just the best thing in the World to close the door, kick off the shoes, cook a nice meal, have a nice glass of wine and settle down to the mind numbing drone of the tele. Heaven!

In some ways this is a well honed skill. Not to need to be busy, not to feel that we constantly have to be doing something useful. being comfy with your
self. That is the skill!

Today’s society demands productivity. It insists that we need to keep up to date, keep the mind busy.

No. Give me 2 hours of Foyles War and a good glass and I am happy!

Being alone is a different matter though, that has a darker side to it. It is that sense of needing others when there is no one to turn to, an absence that is tangible.

That is the stuff of loneliness, of an insecurity, of fear. Too many people in our society know those feelings only too well, they are the young and the old, the successful and the searchers.

The Ascension is about feeling comfortable, feeling the warmth of another’s presence even when we are alone. It is the trust that grows once we have discovered the unconditional love and it is a grace we need to share with others.

God doesn’t go anywhere, just stays close.

Just a thought!