3rd Sunday of Easter Year A

There is a huge message and a pointed reminder in the Emmaus Walk in to-days Gospel. It is part of a number of Post Resurrection doubt stories that you just would not expect to find in a Gospel written to reinforce the Easter Message and given to us so that we might believe.

Yes there was panic and despair immediately following the death of Jesus, but shouldn’t this all change quickly in the Gospel stories, and yet we are faced with the obdurate Thomas’ and these travelers journeying with their burden of disappointment.

But how true to our own experience are these tales. How often is this the stuff of our day to day lives.

The things of Jesus are so radically different to the things that we are used to, they can be challenging even threatening. That is why it is so important that when we are faced with change or challenge, we look for the Jesus. God is always somewhere close.

As Easter People we have Easter in us. When faced with challenge, see that Easter Jesus first and don’t cling to what is familiar. Jesus is Risen!

Just a thought!