6th Sunday of Easter Year A

Uncertainty frightens people. It destroys confidence, challenges hope and at times, creates a climate of fear. People react rather than respond. They see demons and create pictures of what might be, sometimes dark pictures.

Fear is infectious, it embraces people along the road and the consequence is that uncertainty breeds more uncertainty.

For the Disciples, the absence of Jesus in their human experience bred that uncertainty. He had shown the way, He had warmed their hearts, He was their life and their love. But the Cross destroyed that, the Resurrection something beyond belief.

What were they to do now, where were they to go, what future did they have?

Uncertain, they turned into themselves.

When uncertainty touches our lives, don’t listen to the Demons, those thoughts about what might be. Because what might be, often doesn’t happen, the consequences often much better than we dare to dream.

The absence of God in our lives is one of those Demons. When things do not go our way we feel alone, but like the Disciples, God is always close.

The Easter in us is only discovered when we have trust and wait patiently for God to speak.

Just a thought!