5th Sunday of Easter Year A

I have been really moved by the story of Stephen Sutton, the 19 year old man who died this week. This young man had been diagnosed, at the really vulnerable age of 15 years and had known the limited life options that were open to him.
Instead of crumbling, as I am sure I would have done, he grasped what he had, lived in the moment and was so inspirational that he motivated so many people to donate £3.2m to support teenage cancer patients.

When things go wrong in our lives, so often we react not respond. When we don’t like what we see or things don’t go our way, we get very judgmental.

How many hours, months, even years do we spend feeding our frustrations and helping them to grow into nastiness and bitterness.

Stephen shows us a different way. We might not like some of the things that go on in our lives, but instead of seeing them as negative and allowing that negativity to grow, Stephen saw his awful situation as having possibilities and he used what he had to make those possibilities grow into such a positive reality for good.

Learn from that, Heh!

Just a thought!