5th Sunday of Lent Year A

I spent a focused 2 hours this week driving in thick fog. While this is a bit unnerving, disorienting and at times down right dangerous, it tests our skills to the limit. After all, in fog, your vision is limited and your spacial awareness challenged. Basically you think you know where you are going, but you are not certain that you are where you think you are. You think that the way ahead is clear, but you can’t be sure of that, and if there are obstructions, diversions, direction signs, you hope that you see them in time to avoid the perils of simply getting lost.

I hope it is a comfort to you that I got back to Leasowe safely!

It is all so familiar in our own day to day journey through life, familiar for Jesus in his moving from Bethlehem to Gethsemane. Like Jesus, we think we know where we are but often we are in a different place to where we should be.

Our day to day experience can be disorientating, even frightening but it is a journey that we must make with all it chaos and confusion.

Like Jesus, don’t give up! We may fall on the way, get lost, be the subject of others dislike. Just keep going and all will become clear again.

Just a thought!