2nd Sunday of Easter Year A

This time, after our celebration of Easter, always feels a bit flat. Christmas has its family celebrations that run over towards the New Year. But Easter comes, we have a Bank Holiday and back into the day to day routine of our ordinary lives.

But are they ordinary? Surely Easter has its impact on each of us, our lives are changed, we have the renewed certainty that we are Easter people. But it take a coat of thinking to get to grips with it!

Hopkins’ prayer, as we heard last week, was that God would `”Easter in us”, that we might be a “dayspring in the dimness”. It is the challenge to each of us, like Mary of Magdala, to see the Risen Christ through all the confusion that dims our appreciation.

But, having seen the Risen Christ we need then to be the Easter People and bring the living love into the World, into peoples lives.

Yes, Society looks through the dimness, but you and I have that clarity of vision that lets us see so much, so much need, so much suffering, so many who struggle.

God Easters in us, and we can make that reality an experience for so many more.

Never again do we have ordinary days, every new day is an Easter Day, a “crimson cresseted east”!  

Just a thought!