Easter Sunday Year A

The suffering of Jesus is over, and like any struggle with chronic illness or traumatic injury, closure leaves us all with a sense of relief.

We may have questions to ask about why the suffering was there in the first place, but, as often is the case in our human experience, the liberation of death is clearly a Grace.

So true for Jesus!
In trying to answer those questions, Richard Rohr OFM offers this observation:

“When I see animals and plants and even the stars die so willingly and offer their bodies for another generation, or another species, or the illumination of the Universe, I begin to see the one pattern everywhere.

It is the truest level of love, as each and every thing offers itself for another.

Would any of us even learn to love at all if it were not demanded of us, taken from us, and called forth by human tears and earthly tragedy. Is suffering necessary to teach us how to love and care for one another? I really believe it is ... by observation!”.

Just a thought!