Passion Sunday Year A

They stood at the entrance to Jerusalem, a crowd of ordinary people, gathering because there was a crowd.

Some were there because they had seen or heard about the wonder of the person of Jesus. A man who spoke of love and whose love had a powerful influence on the ordinary people who approached him.
There were others there, though, who were open in their opposition to the Christ of God. They were rigorists, people who were judgmental, intolerant people who wanted to maintain the status quo! The Law had been fine for centuries, who was this man wanting to change everything, throw peoples emotions into turmoil.

So they waved branches and shouted Hosanna! Others were not so vocal or vocal in their criticism.

How often we find ourselves in exactly that situation. Days when we have worked hard to achieve. Lauded by some criticized by others, sometimes leaving that sense of “why did I bother”.

Jesus’ journey to Gethsemane was marked by such criticism, but he did bother and that is why his achievement was eternal!

Just a thought!