1st Sunday in Lent Year A

As I sit here typing this newsletter, I am surrounded by pieces of paper.

To say that my desk is untidy is most certainly an understatement. To the untrained eye the word “tip” would come to mind, but I do believe that I know what is there and if you ask me for a particular piece of paper I could probably put my hand on it fairly quickly, but I would have to root a bit to find it.

Ask me why my desk is in such a mess I would probably get all defensive and say that there is just too much going on to maintain good order, to file things away, to keep a tidy and orderly mind. The truth is a little distant from that.

In reality, we are all busy people. We all have deadlines to meet and challenging though that can be we can all very quickly get caught up, even overwhelmed, by the clutter we carry around with us.

In the end, nothing gets done properly, people suffer as a consequence.

Lent gives us opportunities.

This weekend I will tidy my desk, maybe that will help me to tidy some of the clutter from my life.

Just a thought!