4th Sunday of Lent Year A

Losing an hour’s sleep always seems like it is going to be such an imposition. And then there is the ritual of going around, lest we forget, putting all the clocks on our white goods forward, the timers on heating systems and the whole business. wouldn’t you hate to be turning up for Mass in the morning just as everyone else is leaving.

It means, of course, that we will be waking up to lighter mornings and as we leave to depression of winter behind us, we have the prospect of those bright crisp starts to the day, with the gentle sunrise and the melodic dawn chorus.

I’m not a morning person at all. I’m a slow starter and need time to gather myself together before the rigours of another day. But I do have to say, on those days when I will be busy and have to get out early to walk the dog, spring and summer mornings can be very special.

There is something about the calm and the stillness, the birdsong and the clear blue skies. The fresh smells from the sea and the gentle breeze help to shake off the dusty remnants of the previous day and open us all up to possibilities.

Maybe the early morning is something we should all experience from time to time.

Just a thought!