3rd Sunday of Lent Year A

In trying to let God be God in our lives there is always an issue with clutter.

Clutter is the stuff of the many threads that pass through our lives on a daily basis, each of which can add to the feeling that we have that we are just a little lost in our search for what is important.

Clutter comes from the past, it is the history that we carry with us, the influences that people have had on us, the guilt that can weigh heavy.

Clutter comes from the present. It is the consequence of the pressure that we live under, the sense of inadequacy that troubles, the burden of responsibility. It’s all the things that we don’t get round to doing, the tasks we don’t complete properly, the things and people we forget.

But most of all, clutter comes from the future. It is the fear of anticipation, that which unnerves us about the tasks that need to be done. It is all the worrying we do.

Well, Lent asks us to shift some of that clutter, to iron out the wrinkles that stop life from being straightforward and to clear space for God.

If you want God to be God for you, tidy up!

Just a thought!