5th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

I celebrated Mass with a group of 6th Formers and their staff this Friday. For me, this is always a refreshing prayer. It has its informality but it brings together youth on the edge of the adult world, bringing with them the potential for excitement and the insecurity that any look into the future stirs up.

It is a prayer that tries to help the young cope with the now so that they can face what the future holds with the certainty that only confidence brings.

While these young people are all working towards exams, they are not yet having to carry the burden of responsibility. There is so much newness yet to come into their lives, they carry with them the joy of hope and that they readily share.

That’s not quite the overall tone of our day to day Sunday and weekday celebrations. It’s not a reflection on our Faith or even our Hope. It is the reality check that routine brings into our lives. 

So often, when going to Mass, we do the same things at the same time, we sit in the same seats, talk to the same people, pray together and go home.

Where and when did we lose the excitement, the touch of nervousness that God might just want to use us!!!

Just a thought!