The Presentation of the Lord

For years and years, complaining about the weather has been a very British thing to do. We complain when it is cold, we complain when it is hot. We complain when it rains and we complain when it doesn’t. The gratitude that should come from us, as we watch seasons come and go,is spoiled by our own selfishness, the bottom line being the fact that if it doesn’t suit, if we are made to feel uncomfortable, then we will let others know.

Recently, of course, the turn in the weather for the worse has made a huge difference. Now the impact of the weather is not just an inconvenience, its force is seen taking away people’s homes, livelihoods ... even people’s lives.

Storms, flooding, excessive heat,freezing conditions they can all have their impact on the society in which we live. We used to moan because we were rained on. Today people watch on as everything they own disappears under flood water.

But, as we are constantly reminded, the power to limit climate change is in our own hands. If we were more careful with the resources entrusted to us by God, if we showed just a little bit more respect for God’s creation, if we stopped global warming, we might well have less to complain about, and a better environment to feel grateful for.

Just a thought!