2nd Sunday of Advent Year B

Advent week 2, already! I hope you have not been too distracted by Society’s rush towards festive fun!

That is such a shame. The limited time we have in Advent mirrors that limited time we have in our day to day lives, simply for ourselves. Life these days is driven by lists, when we complete or begin one task another is waiting for us.

What time do we have simply to sit down, relax and ponder on what is really important, essential, valued in our day to day existence.

This is what Advent is all about, reminiscing, remembering, reliving those special moments in our lives that make us smile.

It is far too easy to bring back the sadnesses, the stresses and strains, the day to day struggles to make ends meet, the intensity of family life and its demand on our time.

Family gatherings can have their tensions, but so often when the generations meet the volume goes up as people remember and laugh together. The stories and anecdotes bring back the memories, good memories, of times past and present.

So, take the opportunity during this coming week. Find time for yourself, time to be alone, relax and reflect. Focus on your own life’s experience that has made you smile. You will smile again! Reminisce, talk with family members and friends, remember the good times, the special events. You will laugh and smile.

That is what Advent should do, put a smile on your face.

Just a thought!