The Holy Family Year B

With Christmas celebrated on a Thursday it does make for the possibilities of a long, long weekend of celebrations. This might not be good for the waistline and our plans for healthy eating in the New Year, but it can be that real opportunity for families to spend much needed time together, to catch up, celebrate and restore the strong bonds that sometimes need recharging whether they live in the next bedroom to you or far away. Time together is precious.

But the generic Christmas greeting “Happy Christmas” does not apply to all, and as the festive season drags on for some individuals, maybe we can spare them a thought.

Christmas can be a happy time for the elderly when family and friends visit and make it special. But there are more and more people, couples and on their own who quite possibly haven’t seen anyone else over this period, and can feel lonely and vulnerable. Resolution No.1 find these people and make sure they don’t feel so alone again.

Where there is sickness in a home, recent bereavement, a falling out, breakdown in a relationship, Christmas can be a difficult time. It has all the memories, asks all the questions of what might have been. Resolution No. 2, look in on these families, be the warm smile of support, give them a break if only for half an hour.

And Resolution No.3 says keep the Christmas spirit alive. Be aware of local poverty, family violence, international disasters, war, famine and greed and try to make a difference this year.

Happy Christmas!

Just a thought!