Christ the King Year A

There is an awful temptation to use the Subjunctive Tense when referring to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Subjunctive is about possibilities, the mights, perhaps and maybes of this world. That is why so many people fail to appreciate the God of the now in their lives and the truth and reality that for each of us the Kingdom of Heave is not possibility that might occur for us in the future if we behave ourselves. The Kingdom is here, all around us, using people to change the society in which we live.

The Kingdom is about the Goodness God shares with us every day.

Recently I quoted to you the words of Cardinal Collins of Toronto and they bear repeating here:

“A grim, fanatical faith is one that accurately sees the evils around us, but lacks trust in the provident hand of God, and is too consumed with a vain concentration on our limited human ability to make good happen. Religious people can be tempted to feel that God cannot quite manage without our help; that leads to debilitating testiness and ferocity in religion, that limits the ability to “evangelize”, that is, to bring the “good news” of God’s love to a world so much in need of that. “

The gift of the Kingdom of Heaven is that the Good News, that is God’s love for each of us, is unconditional. It is the realisation and appreciation of that love. It is the encouragement that each of us, as Easter People, finds in that love and shares with one another.

The Good News is that we “become what we receive”, and that is what we have to give.

Just a thought!