33rd Sunday of the Year Year A

Tuesday sees a number of our young people celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation. These young people are between 14 and 18 years and will be with us, on Tuesday, for a number of reasons.

For some, it can be family pressure that has encouraged them to take part, others it is a matter of personal choice. Whatever the reason we can be sure that the Holy Spirit has played a part in tempting these young people to come forward and be counted.

Confirmation is a really important Sacrament. It is about that FCJ charism of “courage and confidence”, it is about the liberation of young people who are beginning to stand on their own feet, make decisions that will alter their lives and set them on a journey through life.

Confirmation says that they do not travel alone, God is with them, with them in a particular way. God is the eternity of unconditional love, the Holy Spirit points us into that love and is there, particularly, when we make choices.

Even when those choices are not the best choices we can make, even when out lives wander from the right and sensible way, that same Holy Spirit nudges us to realise, nudges us to perhaps rethink, nudges us to to look for healing in the broken bits of our lives, nudges us back to God.

The Holy Spirit is that generous friend, that Angelic intervention, that straight talking reminder to us, never to forget God’s love.

I am really proud of these young people who have put themselves into the hope that the Holy Spirit brings. Remember them in prayer!

Just a thought!