All Saints Year A

These two days, right at the start of the month of November, should set the tone for our prayer. These feasts, All Saints and All Souls, are reminders to us of that overwhelming and unconditional love that we celebrate, or should celebrate, every day in God’s care for us.

Both of these feasts reintroduce us to family and friends whose lives had an impact on our own lives, whose love helped to form our ability to love and whose goodness shines in us for all to see.

That hope should fill us with joy and confidence. Confidence that those whose love supported and sustained us in life now continue that work, liberated in the Kingdom. Seeing them again, enjoying them again, sharing their lives again is a joy to come for all of us.

And yet, we let doubt creep into our lives, even a touch of uncertainty.

Vulnerability is one of the most precious gifts God gives to us. It helps us to be sensitive to others, gentle and kind, but it can also make for uncertainty.

The questions that can challenge us are real:- Why would God love me so much that he wants me to share God’s eternity in Heaven? Why do my mistakes, my selfishness, my pride and greed not spoil that relationship with God?

God’s answer to all that uncertainty is the “tender kiss”. God loves us to death, literally!

Enjoy November, the memories are precious.

Just a thought!