27th Sunday of the Year Year A

This week we will see the opening of the Synod called by Pope Francis on Marriage and Family Life. It has created a bit of a stir in the media because of the prominence, in the press, given to a discussion that, no doubt, will take place concerning those who have remarried. This centres around the possibility of admitting those whose marriages have broken up and have subsequently entered into another relationship, to communion.

It is a shame that one item in an agenda can be seen to dominate whatever discussion that will take place. Our hope is that, as a result of these discussions, the Church will begin to look, in a new way, about those aspects of marriage and family life that have seemed to be a burden in the ordinary lives of people.

Of its nature, law, and in particular Church Law, can be seen to be remote from the experience of peoples. Everything can seem to be black and white to the lawyers where for the ordinary people trying to live out their lives to the best of their abilities, so much can seem to be grey!

Perhaps, for the family, this will become an opportunity for the legislators to start asking why, not what? To ask the Church what Jesus would do in any particular circumstance. To become the healing Christ particularly for those whose lives seem broken.

Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to make God’s voice heard among the clatter of rhetoric. May Pope Francis see what is the right way.

Just a thought!