29th Sunday of the Year Year A

And the Synod continues!

It has arrived at the point where an interim report has been produced, which will continue the discussions and set the tone and context for the Ordinary Synod which will follow in 2015. The final document from this Extraordinary Synod might not produce all the answers that people are looking for, but, truly, the discussions have begun.

In a homily during his daily masses in the Domus this week, Pope Francis spoke about Jesus’ criticism of the Doctors of the Law:

“ They [the doctors] were closed within their system, they had perfectly systemised the law, it was a masterpiece. They did not understand that God is a God of surprises, that God is always new. He never denies Himself, never says that what He said was wrong, never, but He always surprises us.”

This and the language anticipated in the interim report, yet to be finalised, is encouraging. It seems to be the language of hope and understanding. It is trying to see good in the aspirations of people, not the condemnation so many perceive in the context of the Church Law.

Maybe the Holy Spirit is opening the hearts of those in this discussion, so that they can hear the cries of so many who feel hurt and abandoned by the Sacramental life of the Church.

Watch and pray with Pope Francis!

Just a thought!