The Epiphany of the Lord

While the parts of Continental Europe outside the UK are no more or less secular than Britain, the many other Countries of Europe are far better at celebrating than we are. 

I don’t know what it was like where you were, but New Years Eve seemed quieter this year with less noisy fireworks. Having said that there was still an enthusiasm to party and there would have been one or two bad heads the following morning.

The other Countries celebrate with equal vigor, but are much more focused on the family, with large family gatherings and meals. God always seems to get a mention too. Even if the day to day practice of the Faith isn’t huge, God still makes an appearance in the local celebrations.

Across many of the other Countries of Europe this weekend, the Kings play a big part. Four days of holidays allow families to gather and the Kings always bring presents for the children. My Great Nephew and Niece are waiting with excitement.

Santa isn’t the big event, the Kings are. Just as they are pictured in legend arriving at the stable with gifts in abundance, so they visit the children of Europe. 

Ours get left out, of course, because in the UK its not PC to put the Christ in Christmas. 

Just a thought!