3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

In 1962, yes over 50 years ago, the Vatican Council reviewed the way the Church responded to the current need and listened to the voice of people. There were some who compared the outcomes to a breath of fresh air, the breath of the Holy Spirit. It was the recognition that ordinary people, as Easter People, Baptised people, really do have a voice and need to be listened to, that brought the church forward and allowed the Church to speak for people.

This reform was nowhere more apparent than in the way we began to celebrate liturgy, a liturgy that had been cold, remote and inflexible. To-day the way we celebrate mass tries to be inclusive, responsive to the needs of people, an answer to the prayer of individuals.

One change, 50 years old now, was the possibility of receiving Communion under both kinds, to receive both the host and the wine, previously reserved to the priest alone. To-day, at every Mass, we can feed and drink from the Eucharistic table.

What a wonderful gift, to be able, fully, to do as the Lord asks us to do, to “take and eat”, “take and drink”.

But, still, so many in Leasowe and Moreton, readily, willingly, prayerfully receive the host at Communion and then, put down their heads and walk past the chalice as though it has not been offered to them.

What part of  “take this ALL of you and DRINK from it. This is the cup of my Blood”  do we not understand???

To receive from the chalice completes, in a very real and practical way, Our Lord’s instruction to us to eat and drink from the Eucharistic table.

Please, do not walk past the chalice. Take and drink from it, as the Lord asks us to do.

 Just a thought!