2nd Sunday in ordinary time Year A

We live in a World where, on a daily basis, people die, are killed or maimed all on account of peoples political persuasions, the perception of their religious beliefs or simply because they have nothing better to do than create havoc.

We live in a World where the voice that shouts loudest is always the one to be heard, where people follow others like sheep, where the young are taught that power rules and forgiveness, tolerance and understanding are unknown.

That is bad enough, but what makes the situation worse is the fact that we live in a society that constantly turns a blind eye to the sufferings of others, that keeps itself to itself and avoids any thought of confrontation.

We live in a World where people avoid getting involved, challenging the status quo, taking on the erroneous opinions and actions of others.

We live in a World that still goes to war, that supports armed confrontations and maintain nuclear weaponry.

Is it any wonder, then, that a peace filled existence is a distant memory for so many, where people have to leave their own homes and Nations because they are afraid, where people are nervous to go out of their homes at night.

It simply isn’t right, is it!

Just a thought!