2nd Sunday of Advent

As a consequence of my less than enthusiastic anticipation of the festive season, I have received, this week, two gifts. One is a black Santa hat with the words “Bah Humbug” on the front ( to which I can empathise) and the other a “festive pullover” with an endearing “Snowman” on the front. At least it’s from Next!!

Now, I can react in one of two ways. I could condem said pullover to a lonely life at the bottom of  my wardrobe, or I could see this as an opportunity.
It is an opportunity to reform my rather anodyne attitudes to the festive fun on offer at this time of the year, but that might be a step too far for me.

But, it is also an opportunity for me to use my discomfort for your pleasure. So, here is the proposal!

I will wear this rather animated pullover for the last two Sundays of Advent and on the Feast of the Nativity if you agree to sponsor me and my reticent enthusiasm.

All funds raised will go towards our Advent Fund in support of local families.

I have put a photo of me dressed like one of Santa’s little helpers on the web site and there is a large sponsor form at the back of both churches.

I suppose this is just a bit of fun which might bring some benefit to our families.

Just a thought!