The Feast of the Holy Family

The third day after Christmas and now that the dust has settled on the festivities we can look back and reflect.

For one day in the year, society stops. Shops close, even many of the pubs close, public transport doesn’t run and people are forced to spend time together. For most, this formula seems to work. Families get together, eat, drink and spend valuable time in each others company.

People put on their festive pullovers, woolly hats and wellies and set off to walk the dog and walk off the turkey. As the tele is usually awful, family games are played, laughter is heard and the Christmas spirit sustained.

If that was your Christmas, thank God. Look back now and appreciate.

For many though, this was not their experience. The pressures of the economic climate, family tensions, separation, sickness, loneliness, homelessness and the many other struggles of modern day to day life made Christmas a difficult, frightening, stress filled time.

If that was your experience, remember that Joseph and Mary had a difficult time too, that first Christmas. Their prayers are with you to-day.

Just a thought!