3rd Sunday of Advent

I had a longish drive in the dark last night, the rain had cleared and it was a beautiful clear night. It was lovely.

The journey brought me out along City roads lined with house after house, out into the country where the winding road took me through endless small villages to join, eventually the M62 and then snake home.

The houses in the city had a few festive decorations on them, but notably fewer than I have seen in past years.

There were some crass ones, flashing ones, jolly ones and tasteful ones. There was a beautifully decorated tree in someones front garden that stood out from the crowd.

But as the journey progressed the road passes high on the edge of the valley and far down below people live in villages and streets. The twinkling lights that really stood out in the darkness and made an impact, were those illuminating those ordinary houses, lighting their streets. Not fancy, coloured and flashing; house lights, street lights. But don’t they twinkle in the darkness!

The M62 as is meanders across the Saddleworth Moor, twinkling white headlights as the cars approach, red as the go away, snaking in the dark on a multitude of journeys.

Advent is about the ordinariness of our day to day lives. Its about how we get on doing the things that we have to do, making the journeys that we have to make, trying to make the best of what we have for the people that we love.

Those lives don’t need to be enhanced by festive flashing led lights. They twinkle brightly all on their own, for all to see.

Advent is about appreciating the now in our lives, feeling the fulfilment of the satisfaction, that we try our best, can bring.

Stop and appreciate the twinkle in your life just now. Twinkling is for life, not just for the Festive Season!

Just a thought!