1st Sunday of Advent

I have, in past years, been accused of being a bit of a Grinche when it comes to the Festive Season, but when we are talking about Advent my eyes light up with excitement ( that’s a slight exaggeration). This is my favourite Church season of the year and, despite the pressures of the end of the month, I am determined to enjoy it.

In one sense it is a quiet time in the liturgy, the flowers come off the altars, there are no specific spiritual exercises, no real end product. 

Advent doesn’t point us to the 25 December, it is what it is, an opportunity to “rest in the Lord”.

So, rule one, don’t let the family pressures to make the 25 December spectacular, interfere with your enjoyment of Advent. That would be time lost.

Rule 2, find a little time for the Lord and for yourselves. Let go of all the chaos that so disturbs us and simply look for the quiet of God. 

Rule 3, be grateful for any peace and quiet you can find.Silence is truly golden ( you can always watch “get me out of here” on iPlayer!).

To me Advent is like a deep hot bath. The warmth, quiet and peace soothes body and soul and sets us up for the next thing we have to do. 

Just a thought!