30th Sunday of the Year

Just a thought

November is the month when we remember those whom we know in this life, who have died. That is a familiar description of this time and season, but it doesn’t do much justice to the spirit of this prayer that, if we let it, speaks more about our day to day experience of life, and not just about the people who have been part of it who are today in Heaven.

The truth is that so much of our life’s experience moulds us and forms us into the individuals we have become to-day. Some of that is positive in its experience, some not so!

And within that there are so many people who in their own way, made a contribution to the outcome, some have died, others are still alive.

Like the potter’s clay, we are moulded by the joys and sorrows of life into who we are today. While there are bits that we might not like, that is what we have,who we are and God uses us, as we are, to build this World and make it better.

Love them or hate them, in November we remember all those people who made a contribution to our experience, living or dead.

The Grace is that God used them to help to make us special, the challenge is to keep that alive by giving what we have to others. And so it goes on.  

Just a thought!