28th Sunday of the year

Just a thought

It seems to be a bit of a new phenomenon, but, at the moment, the question you often hear asked is: “ have you put your central heating on yet?”. You hear it at the school gate, in church, in the bank on the tele, people are genuinely trying to put off turning on their heating until the very last moment possible. It lends itself to pictures of families sitting around the television, wrapped up in coats and hats, dressing gowns, onesies and more and more layers to stave off the awful moment when it just gets too cold.

While this does have a funny side, and the cartoonists no doubt are active in their caricature, this is simply a sign of the times and a stark warning for all of us.

Only this week there were warnings of an 8% increase in gas prices and todays papers are predicting a long and hard winter.

The reality is, that for more and more families the financial burdens of day to day living are more and more apparent. No longer are people having to forego the luxuries in life, it is the very staples of our day to day existence that have become unaffordable: heat, food clothing!!

But what can we do, as parish communities to lift this burden from an increasing number of families. 

That is what our time of prayer is about, trying to discern how we, as a community in this part of the Wirral can have an impact on the struggles so many face.

Yes we can help practically with the Food Bank, supporting the SVP, but this is a much bigger problem affecting more and more people in a variety of ways.

Less weapons of war, more support for family life, equal opportunities, a decent minimum living wage, support for the lowest earners, a reduction of tax on the staples of people’s lives, a bit more equality in our society.

We have a voice, we have a vote, we should use them.

Just a thought!