27th Sunday of the year


Just a thought

I was watching pictures, on Friday, of the visit of Pope Francis to Assisi on the Feast of St Francis. Part of this visit was marked by a meeting of young people from all over Umbria, gathering in Assisi with the Pope.

This was a typical gathering of its kind. Tens of thousands of young people were gathered in front of the Basilica. they were colourful, loud, enthusiastic and prayer filled, and Pope Francis responded to them as you would expect.

But it was some of the ordinary gestures of the visit that struck me. 

Earlier he had hosted a meal for the poor of Assisi and addressing the people said: "Many of you have been stripped by this savage world, [It] does not give employment [and it] does not care if there are children dying of hunger."

It is not just the challenge that is so important, it is the example given by Pope Francis. Earlier he met all the Friars at the shrine and each was greeted by a warm embrace. He worked the crowd and was not afraid of physical contact with people of all ages. When testimony was given the young received that same embrace.

The Pope said this week that he wants to bring the Church closer to people. He is living that to-day.

Just a thought!